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Check out our pick list of alcohol-related strategies

Tuesday, November 8, 2016  
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Community Health Improvement in Action (CHIA) has released a new a pick list of evidence-based strategies to address alcohol misuse in Wisconsin communities.  Alcohol-Related Objectives with Focus: A Pick List of Sample Objectives for Effective Implementation is intended for use by public health agencies, hospitals, law enforcement, elected officials, local coalitions, and others seeking to improve the alcohol environment through evidence-based approaches.  The tool emphasizes municipal policy changes, such as adopting social host ordinances, limiting alcohol outlet density, and implementing sober server requirements.  Sample objectives were chosen by subject matter experts, and the resource was created by CHIA in partnership with the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project of the University of Wisconsin Law School.

Each of the dozen initiatives presented in Alcohol-Related Objectives with Focus is accompanied by information to guide successful implementation: 

       A sample performance objective that is time-bound and measurable

       A description of the approach

       The evidence base for the strategy

       A listing of select implementation tools

An introductory section grounds the user in the “Choosing Effective Policies and Programs” stage of community health improvement and provides a simple framework for coalitions aiming to get started on or revamp their alcohol-related work. 

Download Alcohol-Related Objectives with Focus from the Table of Resources (under the Resources by Stage tab) at  The Table of Resources also includes the parent document, Objectives with Focus.  Created by the CHIPP Infrastructure Improvement Project, Objectives with Focus includes sample objectives for mental health, oral health, and physical activity and nutrition.

Looking to discuss best practices in community health improvement with your peers across Wisconsin?  Join the CHIA Community of Practice, which includes webinars, in-person training, and the CHIA Google GroupCommunity Health Improvement in Action (CHIA) aims to deepen knowledge and expertise in implementing and evaluating community health improvement strategies with an emphasis on policy, systems, and environmental changes that address unhealthy and risky alcohol use in Wisconsin communities.  For more information about CHIA, visit our website or contact Project Manager Sara Jesse at   CHIA is funded by a grant from the UW School of Medicine and Public Health from the Wisconsin Partnership Program.

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